Hey there 🙂

I am sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I have been kinda busy with a little thing called NCS.

I say little but It’s actually not little at all, NCS is probably one of the biggest things I’ve ever done. These past four weeks have been some of the best of my whole life and I would just like to take a moment to express how thankful I am to NCS for the wonderful experience 🙂

If you don’t know what NCS is, it stands for the National Citizen Service and you can find out more about it here. NCS is 4 week summer programme for young people aged 16-17 to try and help teenagers connect with and help their local community. It’s a lot of hard work but I am very proud of what my group (Banterbury) have achieved. We have organized a summer fair, open mic night (Along with another group, Wildcats) and car washes in aid of our local Samaritans branch. Samaritans are a UK based charity aiming to give people someone to talk to and share their problems with when they need it the most. We chose them because we thought it would work well with our aim: To raise awareness of mental illness. Samaritans don’t treat people with mental illnesses any differently but that was the point really. People with mental illnesses want to be heard and listened to, not made to feel like outsiders. Samaritans provide a 24/7 call service and our money raised will go towards phone lines at Samaritans so that they can continue to help people with there problems and worries.

NCS was not all serious though, it was a lot of fun too. The first half was split into a week at a PGL adventure center and a week camping! PGL was great, it was a brilliant way to get to know people and I have so many fond memories from my time there. A lot of fears were faced there and I tried so many new things and super fun things including:  Tunnel trails, Trapeze, Rock Climbing, Raft building and so much more!

Camping was possibly even better, it was such a lovely atmosphere at the camp and we had great fun doing workshops and playing games and all sorts. Although our tent got kinda infested with spiders and earwigs at one point which wasn’t so good, and we also thought there was a hedgehog on the roof xD

Overall NCS has been absolutely fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone and even if your not 16 or 17 you can still volunteer as a NCS leader, so please if your in England go give it a try, I am almost 100% sure you won’t regret it 🙂

Thank you to everyone who has made it so unforgettable ❤






Things That Puzzle Me

Inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher’s video: Things I Don’t Understand

This post is basically a list of things that don’t make sense to me, thought you might find it interesting, probably not, but here you go anyway!

Things that puzzle me:

– Words that sound the same. For example Blew and Blue, no and know, red and read. There’s many many more. It’s just sooo confusing. Why can’t the English language be more simple???

– On that same note, you can use the same word in the same sentence meaning two entirely different things, isn’t that crazy?! For example: They were too close to the door to close it.

– Why do we call things a pair when there not? For example: a pair of trousers or knickers. Is it because they have 2 holes for legs? Even so, It’s still just one item of clothing.

– Why is W called ‘double U’ when it’s actually more like two V’s together?

-Who decides when a word becomes a word?

-Why is it impossible to think of another, colour, number or letter than what all ready exists?


Just a few things that have been playing on my mind, I realize these are mostly about the English language, but it’s just so weird!

Thanks for reading! Emily ❤

Why Books Matter

I love books. Not just reading, but books themselves. Their smell, how they feel in your hand, the sensation of turning one pages after another.

I think books are really something to be treasured. Think how many lives they have touched, how many peoples stories have been told and shared, how many thoughts have been woven into novels.

It’s magical.

They can take you far away, to lands that once existed just inside one persons head, but that have now been changed and altered and rearranged inside many others to create whole other worlds, all similar but at the same time completely unique.

Books can transport you away from your own problems and lumber you with problems of people you don’t know. But come to know through pages and pages of hearing about their life, and you see what they see, laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry.

Books can teach you lessons, they can give you experience through other peoples stories, fairytales and biographies. They let you see through other peoples eyes and be transported though time and space. Writing shows you what your eyes can never see but still you feel like you’ve been right there beside the characters in your story.

Without books, adventure would be scarce.


Just my thoughts on books, a bit of a random post really. Hope you enjoyed regardless, Emily ❤




#Inspirehermind Tag

Hello! Today I thought I’d do a tag. Although it isn’t any old tag.

#Inspirehermind is an advertising campaign by Verizon aiming to inspire and encourage girls to do STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects in college and university. Verizon want us to think about the messages we put across to young people and encourage girls to be whatever they want to be, whether that’s an astronaut or a beauty therapist.

In the US 66% of 4th Grader girls say they like Science and Maths; However only 18% of all college engineering majors are female. This suggests that girls are perhaps discouraged throughout there school years to do STEM subjects.

So, I am here to try and spread the word that the world needs more female engineers, mathematicians and astronauts. If you are passionate about a STEM subject, pursue your dreams and don’t let what anyone says make you back down!

This tag is inspired by the amazing Maddie Moate’s video which you can see here.  I would definitely recommend you have a little look at her other videos too!

Here goes..

Physics, Chemistry or Biology?

Biology because I love finding out about how the body works, especially the brain.

Teach us a phrase in another language.

Je voudrais une pomme glace s’il vous plaît

This means ‘I would like an apple ice cream please’ in french

Have you ever done an extreme sport?

Hmm, I have done kayaking which was really fun. I’d certainly like to do more extreme sports and hopefully I will soon as I have enrolled on a summer project called NCS. Apparently we’ll be doing water sports and rock climbing and all things like that. Sooo exciting!

What was your favourite subject at school?

At school my favourite subject had to be art; although towards the end of my GCSE’s I did find the workload a bit overwhelming. I’d really like to just keep art as a hobby from now on.

Do you have any hidden gems? (Places in the world)

Unfortunately I haven’t been to many different countries, mainly just to France, but one place I love out there is Carcassonne, which is a fortified french town. From the outside it looks like something out of a fairytale and inside its beautiful too, although it can get very crowded with tourists!


What book would you recommend we read at the moment?

Okay, well there’s so many to choose from! I think it’s going to have to be Going out by Scarlett Thomas because I really enjoy books that play with your mind. It’s about a boy who is allergic to the sun and can’t go outside. I suppose in a way it’s similar to a book I recommended in my previous post Room by Emma Donoghue  but it is also very different too. These kinds of books really make you think about what we consider ‘real’


Where would you most like to travel in the world?

I’d love to go to Australia because it would be the adventure of a lifetime, and there are so many amazing things to see there!

What is your favourite and most useful app?

My favourite app is definitely ‘Wattpad’ which I think is available on most phones and also online here. It is a place where you can submit stories/ novels and poems of your own and read other peoples too! It’s really easy to find new stories that you like, and there are all completely free. It’s a great thing to have on your phone if your looking for something to read while on the train or something and don’t have a book!

Do you have any invention ideas?

I would like to see a dream recorder of some sort made in my lifetime! So that I could look back on my dreams and decipher what they mean. Although, I have a feeling they might make no sense at all!

Who inspires you?

Carrie Hope Fletcher, because she has achieved so much and is ridiculously talented. Here is a video of her performance at West End Fest recently. She inspires me to try out things that I have a passion for because she is so good at doing it herself. She is a YouTuber, West end star and is even writing a book. She always shoots for the stars and I believe that you should too!

Please feel free to do this tag and have a lovely day ❤


June Favourites

Hello! My name is Emily and I thought for my first blog post It’d be cool to do a monthly favorites thing.


The first favourite of June is a website, which actually has been a favorite of mine for a while but I only recently got back into it. It is  This is a forum set up my the wonderful Carrie Hope Fletcher who is a you-tuber, singer and west end star (Currently Eponine in Les Miserables). Carrie has created a lovely community of people known as ‘The Hopefuls’ and this forum is a great place for us all to talk, give advice and have fun. I love it!



My next favourite is a You-tuber that I’ve loved watching recently, her name is Bryarly Bishop. She does all sorts of videos such as vlogs, tags and original and covered songs (she has the voice of an angel). I’d love for her channel to get more subscribers and views because she definitely deserves it. She has recently started doing a thing called 3 minute talks or 3MT’s in which she does one video expressing her opinion on an issue and another singing a related song, I think this is a really good idea and it is something I look forward to every week. Bryarly is also due to bring out a album soon, I can’t wait!



My third favourite thing of this month is books, books, books! I’ve been doing a reading challenge so I’ve read more books than usual and I’ve loved every minute. Here are some of them:

The girl with glass feet by Ali Shaw



This book is about a girl who is cursed and turning into glass. It was pretty sad, its not exactly a fairytale with a happy ending but I really liked it. I thought it was very well written and had just the right amount of mystery and the characters were well developed and interesting, I would definitely recommend it!

The book of lost things by John Connolly


This book is about a boy, David, who finds himself in a place in between reality and fantasy. I love how so many fairy tales are told within it but without the happy endings, it is very very well written and a little gruesome at times. I actually cried at the end though, its that good.

And finally,

Room by Emma Donughue


Okay this book… is brilliant. It is about a boy Jack and his Ma who live in a single locked room. Jack doesn’t know there’s such thing as outside. This book demonstrates amazingly the power of the mind and imagination and told through the child’s point of view it is very original. EVERYONE should read this.

Okay that’s all I can think of for now. Have a lovely week everyone ❤