Happy New Year! (Bit late I know)

Hello, sooo its been a while… I do apologise, but new year, new start!

For now I thought I’d show you guys some of my favourite gifts that I got for Christmas because I got some stuff that I’m rather pleased with, hope you enjoy…

First of all is this super useful chalkboard that I got from my Dad. Its just great because I am seriously soooo forgetful and if I don’t write things down I probably won’t do them, I’ve been using this a lot since I got it and its been really helping. I also love that its in a heart shape too, it makes it pretty as well as practical 🙂 Also from my dad was paints and various art stuff, yay! I very much enjoy painting and drawing but I haven’t been doing it as much as I like, so hopefully with this I can enjoy doing art this year!


The last thing from my dad  that I want to show you (he got me a lot of things that I loved this year) is these ultra cute mini suitcases with owls on them, I am mainly using them for storage at the moment but they look really nice in my room and I’m very excited about them! Next, I did this thing called ‘Hopeful Secret Santa’ this year, which is basically a Secret Santa for people that are fans of Carrie Hope Fletcher who is an Actress, Youtuber, Author and other things! Basically she’s just really cool. One of the things I got from my Secret Santa was this canvas with a quote from Mary Poppins on it (Which is one of my favourite films ever) and I just love it ❤


This is the next thing that I would like to show you and it is a little tin/pot thingie that I got given by my Nan, I really adore the design on it. I am storing all my hair accessories in it at the moment because otherwise they only last 10 seconds, hopefully with this they should last a good while.


Lastly, I got quite a few clothes vouchers for Christmas so these are just a few things I got with them. The Griffindor top is from Primark and the Moth Jumper is from H&M.

10917208_864502396929474_1723908421533139536_o 10911471_864502590262788_1856029501094384173_o

So thereee we have it, some of my favourite things that I got for Christmas, all of these were surprises because I didn’t ask for anything in particular but I think these are the best presents ive got in a long time… let me know what you think of them and what you got for Christmas,I’d love to know 🙂

See ya next week,
Emily ❤


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