Waiting – A Poem 

I have a stomach full of hungry butterflies
Eager for something more than love
They churn and churn and churn at my insides
Keeping my tired eyes open in agony
When I need to rest so desperately

I can hear them as they whisper
They whisper in the night
At least that’s when I can hear them the clearest
And they tell me if I only wait
I will get what I want

But I’m tired of waiting
I’ve waited so long
And it’s hurt so much
But nothing ever happens
And the butterflies never go

They insist they are on my side
But how can I believe them
When they promise me something that doesn’t exist
They promise me perfection
When all I have is misery

I wait
And I wait
And it hurts
But nothing comes
To take the butterflies away

This basically a poem about that feeling that there is always something to wait for, something that needs to happen to make your life complete, but also how things that you’re waiting for can eat you up before they do you any good.

Emily ❤


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