I find the idea of originality confusing.

If something was truly original, nothing about it would be recognisable to any person or animal or being in existence. Yet every idea stems from other one, every thought comes with a reason; so therefore nothing can be truly original.

Yes, we are all different; therefore you may say we are all original. But I don’t agree, I’d say we are all authentic human beings, with minds all varying and experiencing different things, but not original.

Every human is compiled of different experiences, emotions and features, but all ones that are already possible and can be found on many other humans in different ways, shapes and forms. You will never have exactly the same experiences as another person but the type of experience can belong to many other people and is able to be repeated on people again and again throughout history. The same with emotions, it is always possible for others to to feel the same emotions for different reasons or the same types of reason.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but I guess it really comes down to what you believe. I’m really going from the viewpoint that everything has to come from something, so it is impossible to think of something that hasn’t come before in some form- to give you an idea that’s seemingly new.

When I have an idea, I find that its a combination of things that already exist and ideas other people have had and may have already done, then I make it into something I can call my own. Personalise it and make it different to other peoples ideas. The end outcome may seen very original, but its still pulling from things that were already there, or at least information that was already there.

This doesn’t though, make anyone less creative or their ideas less special. Its called taking inspiration, building from what’s already there and taking it further than anybody else


Let me know what you think! This is just my opinion and it probably makes no sense hehe


One thought on “Originality

  1. I find this topic confusing too, although I think I might have a “solution”, or an idea for a “solution” to it. Maybe, as you stated throughout the whole text, there is no such thing as “originality” anymore. However, if we are all different, maybe we are all original? At least physically. Mentally, I think you are right. We make things like thoughts, statements, articles etc. out of other people’s previous thoughts, statements and articles.

    To conclude: it is a difficult topic… however, I think we can agree that nothing is truly original – except from maybe the human, animal, plant or tree itself.. maybe?

    Great post, btw. I was redirected from the hopefulforum. 🙂

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