Musical Theatre

Sooo, Hello peeps. In this week just gone I have been in my first proper stage production!!!

I have always adored Musicals and singing and was practically brought up on things like Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks; however I have just never had the confidence to pursue my dreams of being on stage and singing and acting, for various reasons, such as family matters that affected my self esteem, and lack of encouragement. But things are a lot better now, and I’m so glad I’ve finally gone out and done what I’ve always wanted.

Its only the first step on my hopefully long journey but It is a big one for me, and although I was only in the ensemble, it was an amazing experience. I was in a production of Oliver! in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and along the way I made new friends and found a new passion. The whole cast was amazing, I’m so proud of them and we also got some amazing reviews, this is my favourite: Review: YEODS Production of Oliver!

So yeah, it’s been a lovely week that I won’t forget and a great 7 months of rehearsals, I cant wait until the next one! I’m actually itching to be back on stage!


2 thoughts on “Musical Theatre

  1. Wow that sounds fab! I did Oliver a few years ago and I’ve just started Wizard of Oz rehearsals. Musical theatre is addictive isn’t it!

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