Waiting – A Poem  I have a stomach full of hungry butterflies Eager for something more than love They churn and churn and churn at my insides Keeping my tired eyes open in agony When I need to rest so desperately I can hear them as they whisper They whisper in the night At least that’s when […]


I find the idea of originality confusing. If something was truly original, nothing about it would be recognisable to any person or animal or being in existence. Yet every idea stems from other one, every thought comes with a reason; so therefore nothing can be truly original. Yes, we are all different; therefore you may […]

Musical Theatre

Sooo, Hello peeps. In this week just gone I have been in my first proper stage production!!! I have always adored Musicals and singing and was practically brought up on things like Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks; however I have just never had the confidence to pursue my dreams of being on stage and singing and […]