Time ⌚

If time didn’t exist, would anything change?

Perhaps that’s all that time is, change. The concept of time is just something we’ve made up to give the change purpose, to give ourselves purpose.

But what would happen if we just were, if it were just now. If there was no before or after, stop or end? Is it possible? or would everything cease to exist?

Time is an illusion, there to trip you up and deceive you. Nothing good can stay because everything changes, eventually you will be striped of everything that you are and revealed as your true self, a skeleton, a pile of bones discarded by the rush and panic of life. The urgency to be something, or someone, before your time is up.


Time is just a memory

A memory of my life, and of your life and of their lives

and maybe soon it will be a memory of life itself.

Hi, sorry not quite sure what this was, sorry if it was a little dark, anyhow hope you enjoyed :3


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