‘The Little Things’

Hello 😀

I saw a tag on YouTube called ‘The Little Things’ and I wanted to do it is a blog post, the tag was started by Emily Marshall on YouTube and was inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher’s lists of things that make her happy, you can check out Carrie’s channel here.

It’s all about noticing the little things in life that make you happy and not taking them for granted, I think its a really sweet idea…

My Little Things:

❤ Doctor who ❤ Anime

❤ Woolly jumpers ❤ Mittens

❤ Scarves ❤ Fine Liner Pens

❤ Doodles ❤ Pasta

❤ DISNEY!!! ❤ Old TV Shows (Wacky Races, Top Cat, Tom and Jerry…)

❤ Musicals (Singing In The Rain, The Sound of Music, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!) ❤ Autumn leaves (and Autumn in general)

❤ Long walks ❤ Digestive biscuits

❤ Lemonade Ice Lollies (Yum) ❤ Tumblr

❤ Interesting Packaging ❤ Typography

❤ Full Sketchbooks (Which I can never achieve!) ❤ Quiz shows and games

❤ Bookshops and the smell of books ❤ You-tubers (Doddleoddle, Savanamazing, Jack Howard…)


Also here are some of my favourite versions of the tag so far on YouTube:

I am not going to tag anyone in particular so feel free to do this tag if you wish and have a lovely day!


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