Why Books Matter

I love books. Not just reading, but books themselves. Their smell, how they feel in your hand, the sensation of turning one pages after another.

I think books are really something to be treasured. Think how many lives they have touched, how many peoples stories have been told and shared, how many thoughts have been woven into novels.

It’s magical.

They can take you far away, to lands that once existed just inside one persons head, but that have now been changed and altered and rearranged inside many others to create whole other worlds, all similar but at the same time completely unique.

Books can transport you away from your own problems and lumber you with problems of people you don’t know. But come to know through pages and pages of hearing about their life, and you see what they see, laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry.

Books can teach you lessons, they can give you experience through other peoples stories, fairytales and biographies. They let you see through other peoples eyes and be transported though time and space. Writing shows you what your eyes can never see but still you feel like you’ve been right there beside the characters in your story.

Without books, adventure would be scarce.


Just my thoughts on books, a bit of a random post really. Hope you enjoyed regardless, Emily ❤





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