#Inspirehermind Tag

Hello! Today I thought I’d do a tag. Although it isn’t any old tag.

#Inspirehermind is an advertising campaign by Verizon aiming to inspire and encourage girls to do STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects in college and university. Verizon want us to think about the messages we put across to young people and encourage girls to be whatever they want to be, whether that’s an astronaut or a beauty therapist.

In the US 66% of 4th Grader girls say they like Science and Maths; However only 18% of all college engineering majors are female. This suggests that girls are perhaps discouraged throughout there school years to do STEM subjects.

So, I am here to try and spread the word that the world needs more female engineers, mathematicians and astronauts. If you are passionate about a STEM subject, pursue your dreams and don’t let what anyone says make you back down!

This tag is inspired by the amazing Maddie Moate’s video which you can see here.  I would definitely recommend you have a little look at her other videos too!

Here goes..

Physics, Chemistry or Biology?

Biology because I love finding out about how the body works, especially the brain.

Teach us a phrase in another language.

Je voudrais une pomme glace s’il vous plaît

This means ‘I would like an apple ice cream please’ in french

Have you ever done an extreme sport?

Hmm, I have done kayaking which was really fun. I’d certainly like to do more extreme sports and hopefully I will soon as I have enrolled on a summer project called NCS. Apparently we’ll be doing water sports and rock climbing and all things like that. Sooo exciting!

What was your favourite subject at school?

At school my favourite subject had to be art; although towards the end of my GCSE’s I did find the workload a bit overwhelming. I’d really like to just keep art as a hobby from now on.

Do you have any hidden gems? (Places in the world)

Unfortunately I haven’t been to many different countries, mainly just to France, but one place I love out there is Carcassonne, which is a fortified french town. From the outside it looks like something out of a fairytale and inside its beautiful too, although it can get very crowded with tourists!


What book would you recommend we read at the moment?

Okay, well there’s so many to choose from! I think it’s going to have to be Going out by Scarlett Thomas because I really enjoy books that play with your mind. It’s about a boy who is allergic to the sun and can’t go outside. I suppose in a way it’s similar to a book I recommended in my previous post Room by Emma Donoghue  but it is also very different too. These kinds of books really make you think about what we consider ‘real’


Where would you most like to travel in the world?

I’d love to go to Australia because it would be the adventure of a lifetime, and there are so many amazing things to see there!

What is your favourite and most useful app?

My favourite app is definitely ‘Wattpad’ which I think is available on most phones and also online here. It is a place where you can submit stories/ novels and poems of your own and read other peoples too! It’s really easy to find new stories that you like, and there are all completely free. It’s a great thing to have on your phone if your looking for something to read while on the train or something and don’t have a book!

Do you have any invention ideas?

I would like to see a dream recorder of some sort made in my lifetime! So that I could look back on my dreams and decipher what they mean. Although, I have a feeling they might make no sense at all!

Who inspires you?

Carrie Hope Fletcher, because she has achieved so much and is ridiculously talented. Here is a video of her performance at West End Fest recently. She inspires me to try out things that I have a passion for because she is so good at doing it herself. She is a YouTuber, West end star and is even writing a book. She always shoots for the stars and I believe that you should too!

Please feel free to do this tag and have a lovely day ❤



5 thoughts on “#Inspirehermind Tag

  1. Hello! I saw your comment on Maddie Moat’s video and I’m really glad you decided to do the tag! Can I just say that your blog is beautiful and I’m very glad I discovered it! I completely agree about your dream recorder invention. I often wish I could go back and play back my dreams (no matter how strange lol). Also thanks for teaching me a new phrase! I fully believe that knowing how to ask for ice cream in any language is VERY IMPORTANT.

    I hope you continue to make more posts in the future!

  2. Hey- I found your blog after you commented on mine and omg it’s gorgeous! I wish mine was as pretty as yours ^.^
    Completely agree with Carrie as a massive inspiration- she’s so positive, it’s impossible to not smile watching her 🙂

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